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Sustainable World

PlanToys PlayCycle

Durable toys don't belong in the landfill.
Give them the chance to live out their full play potential.

We've brought Sustainable Play to children across the world for over 40 years now – paying close attention to every step of our production process so our toys can last for decades! Because of their quality, PlanToys items can be passed on from generation to generation – inviting little ones to share, collaboratively play, develop an understanding of sustainability, and give wooden toys the chance to last a lifetime!

PlanToys PlayCycle involves passing on PlanToys items that your child has outgrown or no longer uses to other children who would enjoy playing with them. Because our wooden toys last for decades, every child who plays with them – no matter how old the toys are – benefits physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually just as much as the previous child. PlayCycle is a wonderful way to support sustainable living, encourage sharing, and give wooden toys a chance to live out their full play potential! Apart from passing on toys, bringing them back to our Toy Clinic for repair to extend their lifespan instead of wasting them or selling your outgrown toys in a second-hand toy market is also another way to contribute to a PlayCycle.

When we first design a toy, we're already considering its end-of-life. Our Sustainable Way considers a toy's entire life and its potential to end up right back in the supply chain, not the landfill!

How does PlanToys PlayCycle
impact the world?

According to the research, a child will play with each toy for only 6 months!

A wooden toy can last about 40 years. Therefore, one PlanToys toy can be played with at least 80 children instead of ending up in landfills.

If we do PlayCycle for 2,000 toys, it's equivalent to reducing CO2 from driving around the world!

Each year, if we can extend the life of one PlanToys toy, we will help reduce 3.3 kg (=28 km in driving distance) of CO2 emission.

Play that can be shared with
others = Sustainable Play

If you take proper care of your wooden toys, they can last a lifetime and be passed on to other children.

The more toys we pass on, the more we can create
Better Kids, Better World
through Sustainable Play.