Get Ready When It's Time to Ride!

Get Ready When It's Time to Ride!

Get Ready When It's Time to Ride!

Parents can be kids’ best lifeguards! PlanToys® has some tips to share with you

1. Don’t buy the wrong bike! - Parents should concern about age when buying as each bicycle suits different kids.
2. Actively supervise your kids while riding because they still can’t protect themselves well and can’t estimate the speed limit.
3. Tell them to always beware of other vehicles as when they grow up, most of the kids prefer playing outside. Parents may somehow unintentionally overlook them.
4. Do not ride too fast even if they can already ride proficiently.
5. Dress properly to reduce accidents as sometimes a part of kids’ clothes and accessories can get stuck in bicycle wheels.
For safety purpose, kids should get their helmets ready when it’s time to ride! Here are some ideas of how to choose and use helmets.

1. Choose a suitable size helmet that passes safety standard.
2. Always wear a helmet no matter how close you’re going to go because accident can happen any time.
3. When doing any activities that could lead to accident, remember to always wear a helmet.
4. Parents should be kids’ role models as they always learn from you.


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