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Welcome Shanghai Sharing Team to our Family

Welcome Shanghai Sharing Team to our Family

Welcome Shanghai Sharing Team to our Family

Welcome Shanghai Sharing Team to our Family! We are honored to welcome Shanghai Sharing Trading Co., Ltd., our new business partner from China, to our PlanToys family. During the Shanghai Sharing team’s visit to Bangkok and our factory in Trang, we had the opportunity to interview Anna-Shi Xiaoli, the company’s founder, and Amber-Zhou Xuan, the international purchasing staff director, about their view on our Sustainable Way and product potential in the Chinese toy market this year. We’re sharing the same philosophy. Anna and Amber are already passionate about what we do here at PlanToys. They’re in-the-know about our sustainable manufacturing methods and see our passion for child development and safety present in the factory and our community. They’re also excited about our knowledge of the toy industry after nearly 40 years of business. These things make them confident that – in partnership – our companies have the potential to impact the Chinese market in a positive and unique way. "We can help children grow up in the right direction together, "said Anna and Amber collectively after gathering inspiration from PlanToys’ Founder Vitool Viraponsawan. "We think he has a superpower to do everything,” added Anna. “Last year was the first time that we met Vitool at the Kind + Jugend Toys Fair in Cologne, Germany. He was full of passion when he introduced each toy. When we met him in the factory, I thought he was very professional in every process. He explained the concepts very clearly. We learned a lot and we got more inspiration from him. We are really excited to be a partner of PlanToys." We’re on the right track. "We discovered PlanToys a few years ago,” continued Anna. “So when we’re getting closer as a partner we know more about how PlanToys is doing. That's why we love PlanToys. And when we get a chance from PlanToys, we want to create a brand awareness for everyone in China to know PlanToys and trust in our brand. This is our goal. I want to express our passion to everyone in China.” Anna and Amber shared that almost all Chinese children are encouraged to study hard. However, this means that some parents never inquire about their child’s passion or other areas of interest. Anna and Amber believe that by allowing children to play freely, they will find their passion on their own. PlanToys could help provide them with this opportunity! We are stepping into the Chinese market. At first, we didn't want to release too much product into the new market. Instead, we wanted to focus on sales and communicate to customers about the PlanToys brand and Sustainable Way. Once customers are more aware of our brand and core values, they’ll be more excited about trying additional toys. We have decided to enter the market with a variety of block playsets because we know that residents of China are passionate about cognitive development and learning. Building blocks are a great form of free play and help children develop intellectually. Additionally, we will be hosting an event for parents to experience our toys hands-on so they can further understand our ethos and brand.

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