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Celebrating Year 40 Through Creativity

Celebrating Year 40 Through Creativity

Celebrating Year 40 Through Creativity

In celebration of our anniversary, we developed several creative projects under the vision and mission that we've always cherished. Let's explore them below!


The Toy Library




In 2019, PlanNeramit founded the online PlanToys Toy Library for families to borrow and play with items at home during the pandemic. Because we believe that play is vital to a child's growth and development, we wanted to develop an inclusive online platform for families to experience play without a high financial cost. After we received incredible feedback from families in Thailand about the library and found that many of them hoped to continue borrowing instead of always purchasing.

In 2021, the Toy Library quickly became a cherished sustainable way for parents to enhance their children's play environment without over-spending or purchasing toys that their children would quickly outgrow! This year, we're expanding into even more toy categories and plan to invest further in the toy sharing concept in two unique ways, borrow for free and toy rental, so children can continue to better themselves through play and help create a better world as a result.

Borrow for free!

In Trang, we're starting to lend toys straight out of our factory while also working with local libraries in the community to expand the borrowing system.

Additionally, in cooperation with TK Park Bangkok (Thailand Knowledge Park, an educational hub for children and the public), we're creating toy sets to pair with storybooks so children can further strengthen their reading and communication skills through play. So far, we've designed 30 toy sets as test models in Bangkok and hope to expand this concept to all of the TK Park branches!

Toy Rental

We're exploring toy rental for families so even more children can enjoy sustainable play. A variety of toys and play categories will be included in this concept, and children will also have the opportunity to pair the storybooks with toy sets for additional learning!



Forest of Play, the New Green Play Space in Trang

PlanToys Founder Vitool Viraponsavan has brought his vision for a nature-inspired developmental play space to life in the Trang Province! This Forest of Play Exhibition spreads across nearly 64,000 square meters — presenting children 9 play stations and 7 playhouses to explore freely.


Every play station within the Forest of Play is themed with pieces of PlanToys' story — including leftover materials from product origination. Throughout the development of the space, Vitool felt passionate about nothing going to waste. Even restroom tiles are made from leftover materials, and a pyramid is constructed from leftover cement pipes. The architecture and design of the play space truly showcase Vitool and PlanToys' passion for sustainability and green living!.




The True Meaning of "Sustainable Play" — Our 40th Anniversary Online Campaign

Our 40th birthday marks an important moment in time for a variety of reasons — one being the celebration of our dedication to sustainable operations and eco-friendly toy manufacturing for four entire decades! To us, this is a large piece of the true meaning behind sustainable play: producing planet-friendly toys for children year after year that support them in their development, bring them closer to nature and encourage their growth in nearly every department. Play is powerful, and when intertwined with sustainability, we believe that it can change the world for the better.

To us, Sustainable Play is...

- Play that doesn't harm the environment

- Play that can be adapted to uniquely suit each age range

- Play that helps a child develop emotionally, physically, socially and intellectually

- Play that is beneficial to a child, society as a whole and the environment

- Play that encourages a positive attitude

- Play that can be shared and enjoyed with others

We'd love for you to share your moments of Sustainable Play with us on Facebook and Instagram. Show us what Sustainable Play means to you and tag #PlanToys40thBirthday and #SustainablePlay for a chance to be featured on our accounts! For every person that participates, we'll plant a tree at the Forest of Play in Trang Province on your behalf. Your photos and memories will complement the green area of the forest beautifully!



The PlanToys Book

We're creating a book that tells the story of PlanToys through the eyes of Founder Vitool Viraponsavan. Stay tuned for the release of this special project in 2022! Follow the progress of our other 40th anniversary projects on Facebook and at www.plantoys.com,


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