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Happy Organization

Sustainable Way

Happy Organization

We believe that our employees’ well-being is partially our responsibility. After all, they are practically family!

We provide benefits and activities that promote the health and well-being of our employees, such as...

• We use toxic-free materials and practice safer manufacturing methods for our employees’ safety.

• We provide free rice for employees’ lunch, with approximately 800 kg. monthly.

• We organize organic rice planting activities in collaboration with local farmers to help employees understand the value of local rice, learn chemical-free rice cultivation, and contribute the rice harvested to our employees' lunch.

• We promote well-being through activities such as providing recreational and exercise areas, offering healthy cooking classes, suggesting supplemental occupations, and encouraging employees to quit smoking for their own health.

• We maintain the cleanliness, beauty, and greenery of the factory's interior and surrounding areas, providing employees with relaxation spaces.

• We allocate open spaces around the factory for employees to engage in vegetable gardening and small animal farming for food, learn about food sources, reduce expenses, and share with each other.

• We established the PlanToys Employees Savings Cooperative in 2002 and provided financial support with low-interest loans in case of financial emergencies.

• We maintain a safe and healthy working environment for our employees in the office and factory, following ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management standards since 2003.

• We acquired the Social Accountability International Certification (SA 8000) in 2004, emphasizing international human rights. We support self-sufficient development and fair wages and have zero tolerance for discrimination and child labor.

• We organize activities for employees' children during school breaks to cultivate learning through play and enhance the quality of time spent with family members.

We craft our toys to bring joy to children worldwide,
The toy makers behind should also find happiness.