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Educational Play Tools for a Child’s First Year

Educational Play Tools for a Child’s First Year

Educational Play Tools for a Child’s First Year

 Educational Play Tools for a Child's First Year

From birth to age 5, a child's brain grows faster than at any other time. While genes play a role, research shows that 90% of a child's brain develops in their earliest years. This happens when they have positive interactions with parents and caregivers, and use their senses and natural curiosity to explore the word. Play is an opportunity for children be to interactive as they establish connections in an enjoyable and educational way.

This blog introduces four impactful play methods designed to support children in diverse ways.

Four Developmentally Appropriate Activities for Young Minds

1. Sensory Play

Child playing with sand tools at the beach

Sensory play incorporates various textures, providing children with a range of advantages, from emotional comfort and muscle development, to an introduction to science. It's also a fun way to help children reimagine their existing toys and play with them in a different way.

The Sand Play Set is an introduction to sensory play at 18 months. Each tool resembles a sea creature and is easy for children to hold while they dig, build, and use their imagination at the beach, in a sandbox, or on a sensory table.


2. Outdoor Play

In a child's first year, they often become curious about the outdoors. Since very young children may not be ready for playgrounds, another option is to provide toys that allow them to explore open spaces with toys that encourage movement and eye coordination.

The Walk N Roll is designed to accompany children as young as 12 months on their walking journey. With its sound-producing feature activated by rolling, it supports children in maintaining focus and balance during their first steps. It can be played with on any flat surface.


3. Musical Play

Child playing with xylophone

Engaging in musical play supports the development of emotional skills, creativity, and physical abilities. Musical toys inspire children to engage their bodies in various ways, from holding a drumstick to make music to dancing and leaping to the rhythm.

The Oval Xylophone is an inviting instrument for children starting at 12 months. Children can effortlessly grasp and use the mallet, while the xylophone's vibrant colors prompt them to easily connect and initiate play with a simple tap. This instrument is also available in Orchard.

Fish Castanets are also another musical toy option for children in this age range. Available in three vibrant colors, this toy is easy to fully grasp with a movable mouth that introduces children to percussion.


4. Shape Grasping

Child playing with a wooden chicken toy

Infants and toddlers use their hands for exploration. They begin with their palms and gradually progress to using their fingers as they grow. This makes it beneficial to introduce larger toys that are easy for them to handle in their early years. Seek out toys that are simple to grip, stack, and nest, as they offer extra advantages and provide an engaging experience for young children.

Chicken Nesting for ages 12 months seamlessly merges shape and function for young, developing children. It consists of four pieces: a base, 3 chickens in various sizes, and an egg. Children can explore each piece individually, stack them up, or nestle them together. This toy is also available in Modern Rustic.

Combine all the benefits of exploration and education with Shape & Sort It Out. This introduces children to shape, color, and cause and effect learning.


The PlanToys Eco-Friendly Promise

Child playing in bathtub with toys

All PlanToys are crafted with the well-being of children and the environment in mind. Our play tools are conscientiously produced in Thailand using reclaimed, chemical-free rubberwood, natural rubber and fibers, water-based paint, and dyes sourced from the earth.

Educators, doctors, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, designers, and artisans collaborate to bring each toy to life. Rest assured, our products adhere to global safety standards and undergo testing to ensure they provide secure support for inquisitive children.

We wish you and your children a wonderful play journey during their first year and beyond. Tag us on social media with #PlanToysUSA to share your experience.

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