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PlanToys: Our Commitment To Sustainable Play

PlanToys’ Sustainability

For over 40 years, PlanToys has gained recognition globally through our philosophies and beautifully crafted wooden toys. With an enduring mission to help nurture Better Kids, Better World through Sustainable Play, we developed three pillars of sustainability that pave the path for our planet-friendly operations — Sustainable Play, Sustainable Way, and Sustainable World.


We’re committed to creating toys and play experiences that support a child’s improvement through sustainable play by cultivating a positive attitude in life both towards oneself, society, and the environment.

In 1981, PlanToys’ founder Vitool Viraponsavan established the company with a desire to change society for the better by supporting children in their learning and play environments. Children would be supported throughout each developmental stage with the play that emphasized eco-friendly living and strengthened foundational skills in physical, emotional, social, and intellectual.

In addition to toy design, we also create play spaces for expanding the experience to support more children. In 2019, we built the Forest of Play, a playable exhibition at Chulalongkorn University. This was the first time that we produced playthings on a larger scale. After the exhibition ended, we moved this play space to the front of our Bangkok office and expand the play areas for more variety of learning. The following year, we built another Forest of Play, a play space and toy museum near our factory in Trang province to be a comprehensive learning play area for children, families, and school field trips amid the real forest atmosphere.

By playing a role in the early developmental years through play and activities, we believe that we have the chance to impact children’s lives in the long term and help them grow into individuals who value themselves, others, and the planet we called home.

  • Product

    Our toys are designed by working with a child specialist to determine age appropriateness alongside developmental-aid potential and eco-design principles to minimize environmental impact during manufacturing. Parents can trust that our products are child-safe and intentionally made of the highest quality.
  • Forest of Play

    The nature-inspired play space helps enhance all areas of child development. Both at Bangkok and Trang, the Forest of Play are built from our toys and leftover materials from our factory and nearby community.
  • Play Space Design Service

    After 'Forest of Play' garnered much attention, various organizations, companies, and business owners contacted us to design play spaces in their area. Therefore, we’re starting our new unit to support a design service of indoor play spaces and large-scale play objects.
  • Toy Clinic

    Our Toy Clinic is located at our headquarters in Bangkok, which provides toy repair services. If you need a PlanToys item repaired, please bring it to our store. Here, we repair it free of charge! If a replacement piece is required, we only charge for the part.
  • Toy Rental

    The rental service with sets of toys paired with storybooks. This is a sustainable way for parents to support their children's play without overspending on toys their children will quickly outgrow.


We pay close attention to every step of our manufacturing process to create our wooden toys including the well-being of our employees and responsible for the environment.

For over 40 years, we’ve only used non-toxic materials and sustainable production methods that illustrate our mission of supporting children in their developmental stages and also protecting our employees from any harmful toxicity during production. We ensure the maximize use of natural resources and create minimum to zero waste throughout our production process. We use reclaimed rubberwood from rubber trees that no longer produce latex to produce solid wood and plywood for toy production. We also upcycle leftover sawdust to produce PlanWood, a unique material that allows us to design toys with dynamic shapes. In addition, when coated PlanWood toys with a non-toxic water-based lacquer, this allows us to make wooden toys that can be played with in water!

In addition, we never neglect to create a happy organization. We established the PlanToys Employees Savings Cooperative Limited for financial support. We reduce the burden of workers’ expenses by allocating space within the factory to make vegetable gardens for consumption and sharing. We encourage knowledge and awareness among employees through organic rice planting activities with local farmers to understand the value of food and can also apply knowledge for their sustainable livelihood.


Our toys are created using eco-design principles that help anticipate and minimize the negative environmental impacts of manufacturing.


Other materials like fabric, recycled paper, and rope, we ensure that materials are chemical-free and safe for our workers and children.

Eco-Efficient Manufacturing

We pay close attention to every step of our manufacturing process to create our wooden toys and are responsible for the environment. Every factor behind our business operations drives sustainably.

Plant-Based Ink

We always search for the best eco-friendly materials for use in production. Organic pigments not only benefit our children but also the environment.

Water-Based Dyes

PlanToys prohibits the use of chemical dyes containing lead or other heavy metals. Our water-based dye can maintain the texture of our wooden toys — keeping them as close to their original nature as possible.

Solar Energy

The 1,851 solar panels have been installed at the PlanToys factory to reduce carbon emissions from electricity used. This will reduce about 400 tCO2e per year, equivalent to a 30% reduction in electricity consumption or planting 42,105 trees yearly.

Biomass Energy

Nothing is wasted at the PlanToys Factory; leftover wood pieces and chips are used as fuel to produce heat energy for the PlanWood production process in the factory.

Chemical-Free and Kiln-Dried Process

Our chemical-free and kiln-dried process were refined. In our factory, we use this process to eliminate moisture content from rubberwood gradually. This environmentally friendly method also helps reduce weevil problems.


PlanWood is an eco-friendly material resulting from grinding surplus sawdust from production combined with organic pigments and non-toxic glue and using a thermal process to form the shapes.

Organic Pigment

A colored material made of an organic compound with pigment properties. We use organic pigments in PlanWood production. Organic pigments are not only safe for our children but also for the environment.


All PlanToys products exceed international safety standards, including ASTM (USA) and EN71 (Europe).

Non-Formaldehyde Glue

In addition to being concerned about the safety of children, we're also concerned with the safety of our employees. We use non-Formaldehyde Glue in the PlanWood process and toy assembly in production.

ISO 45001 & SA 8000

The ISO 45001 certification confirms our healthy work environment regarding safety and health standards for office and factory employees. PlanToys also received the SA 8000 certification for employee quality of life after instilling a program that mandates equal opportunity for all employees.

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

PlanToys received the ISO 9001 certificate for world-class quality of products and services and the ISO 14001 certificate for excellence in environmental management.

Happy Organization

We believe that our employees’ happiness is partially our responsibility, whether it is implementing chemical-free materials, practicing safer manufacturing methods, offering support for their good quality of life via a cooperative shop, or encouraging employees in their financial and mental wellness.


We share our value of Better Kids Better World through Sustainable Play with our community by supporting projects that are beneficial to society and the environment.

We strive to create play opportunities that can be accessible to all children. PlanToys, together with our partners, initiated the PlanToys Bring Smile and Mom-Made Toy project to design toys specifically suited for special needs children by focusing on Visual Impairment, Autism, and Cerebral Palsy. We set up the Toy Library at our factory and the public libraries in Trang with free lending toys service. We built the Forest of Play and the Toy Museum in Trang to be a comprehensive learning play area for expanding play opportunities to the local community.

We contributed part of our sales proceeds to social development projects. We contribute 1 euro for every Wonky Fruit & Vegetable Set sold, to Kromkommer, an organization that aims to raise awareness for reducing food waste. We donate $10 for every purchase of Walking Elephant to the Save Elephant Foundation Thailand to support their projects.

Contribution to society cannot be achieved without the cooperation of all our customers and worldwide partners who always support PlanToys for our Sustainable World.

  • Mom-Made Toys Project

    PlanToys founded the Mom-Made Toys project to give back to society in celebration of our 30th anniversary. We have collaborated with parents of special needs and Lowe Thailand, designing toys to help support the development of children with cerebral palsy, autism, and visual impairment.
  • PlanToys Brings Smiles

    In partnership with valued distributors, PlanToys works on designing and producing a collection of toys for children with special needs. These adaptive toys help enhance the development of children with cerebral palsy, autism, and visual impairment while also bringing tremendous joy to them.
  • Toy Donation

    We donate our toys to schools in Trang province every year to support learning through play and enhance opportunities for children to access quality play.
  • Revenue Allocation to Support Social Issues

    We allocate some of our revenue to support projects fostering social and environmental issues. From 2018-2021, for every box of Wonky Fruit & Vegetable Sets sold, we distributed 1 euro to Kromkommer to support food waste reduction projects. 2019-2021, we collected 10 USD in revenue from every Walking Elephant sold to donate to the Save Elephant Foundation Thailand for elephant preservation.
  • PlanToys Toy Library

    It started during the pandemic; we want to make play accessible to children that cannot come to the playgroup and help reduce stress on parents. We create a play corner at the Bangkok and Trang province public library and let children lend toys to play with at home.
  • Annual Reforestation

    We have been part of Plan Group’s annual reforestation since 2004. (In 2000-2001 no planting because of covid.) We plant 2,000 trees annually, equating to 34,000 trees. reduce carbon by 323 tCO2e/year. (One tree absorbs 9.5 kg of carbon/year)
  • T-Ver Project

    We are working on a 1,600,000 Sqm. T-VER project. It is the GHG emission reduction program developed by the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO) to encourage and support all farmers to sustainably manage their rubber plantations and participate in the GHG emission reduction program. Furthermore, they can sell the resulting reduction units or carbon credits.