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PlanToys Earth Day

PlanToys Earth Day

PlanToys Earth Day

At PlanToys, every day is Earth Day!


Throughout our 40 years of business, not a single day has gone by without us considering our environmental responsibility. We’re constantly refining and improving our design and manufacturing processes to make sure we’re doing our best to protect the planet.

In addition to operating in an environmentally-friendly way at the factory, we try to extend our love for Planet Earth into the homes of our customers! This way, children can grow up understanding the importance of sustainable living.

Each Earth Day, we launch various activities to help kids do this. Let’s take a look at the history of our events together to learn a bit more about the PlanToys Sustainable Way!



2009: Eco Home Game

This paper house invited children to explore green living and learn about the ways to save energy at home.


2010: Recycle Game with Canvas Bag

This fun game taught little ones about the importance of recycling and managing waste properly.


2011: Book with Stationery

We designed a stationary set with coloring pages to tell the PlanToys story of sustainability.

2012: Puzzle & Canvas Bag

An eco-friendly tote bag with DIY puzzles inside encouraged kids to decorate, color and explore foundational skills!


2013: PlanWood Frame with Coloring Sheets

A dollhouse window served as a picture frame for children to color and hang images.


2014: Worm Set

This year, we are giving away Worm Set consisting of a colorful worm key ring, tree pencil, plant pot and coloring sheets. Children will learn about the life cycle of worm and their importance to ecosystem.



2014: Plant Flower for Mother Earth

Kids were given seed paper for coloring and planting. Each piece of seed paper grew real flowers when planted!


2015: Easter Earth Day — Bird House

We provided patterns for building a bird house to help conserve bird populations during a critical time of habitat depletion. Kids decorated the birdhouse and could utilize the pattern to make additional ones.

                                                                                                                                                               Bird House


2016: 35th Anniversary — Giving Back & Giving Thanks

To celebrate our 35th year of business and 10th year of distribution in the USA, we invited kids to plant trees in our colorful Planter Pots.


                                                                                       Shop Poster                                   Coloring Paper                      Instruction & Plant Pot Set                                                     


2017: Plant Pot & Bee Game

We learned about the importance of the bee species through a fun planting project and bee game!


2018: Let’s get to know the Dugong!

Trang Province (where the PlanToys factory is located) is home to the last dugong herd in Thailand. Our goal in 2018 was to raise awareness about this endangered species and its habitat! We designed fun educational activities for children to learn about the Dugong. Additionally, we hosted a beach cleanup in Trang and helped kids learn about the importance of waste management.


                                                                                                                       Earth Day at Plan Neramit, Bangkok

                                                                                                           Earth Day with PlanToys Green Ambassador

                                                                                                           Earth Day with Green Head Club Trang


2019: Protect Our Bees

Bees are a vital species for our ecosystem! So many flowers and plants rely on pollination to thrive. Because of their importance, we invited kids to learn about bees, why they matter and discover ways they can help preserve the special insect!


2020: The Great Global Clean Up

Earth Day 2020’s theme was climate action, so we created the Turtle Magnifier! Turtles and other sea creatures suffer from the waste that ends up in the ocean and we wanted to raise awareness surrounding proper waste management. With each Turtle Magnifier came information surrounding wildlife preservation and waste management. We asked customers to take photos with their Turtle Magnifiers to share with the community online!

The Adventures of Mr. Carl the Carrot

This year, we partnered with Kromkommer, a Dutch social enterprise dedicated to informing communities about the issue of food waste and advocating for food waste reduction. We hosted a variety of fun activities through our #GetYourWonkyOn campaign to invited families to plant wonky veggies of their own at home!

“Mr. Carl the Carrot” tells a story about food value, waste management and the food waste dilemma through the eyes of a wonky carrot on a mission to save his best friend! The story is written and illustrated by Kromkommer.

Furthermore, in addition to the #GetYourWonkyOn campaign, we hosted Day Camps in Thailand during the month of April in collaboration with Scholars of Sustenance (SOS), an organization that advocates for food waste reduction. We also partnered with Playville, a creative play space in Bangkok, to encourage children to learn about food waste through play.



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