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PlanToys Carbon Neutral 2025

Sustainable World

PlanToys will lead the organization toward


We're committed to running a sustainable business by minimizing environmental impact, optimizing resource use, and aiming for carbon neutrality by 2025. We appreciate the support of our employees, partners, and customers in achieving this goal.

Kosin Virapornsawan

Managing Director, PlanToys

PlanToys releases approximately 3,337 tons of CO2 from the combustion of machines, corporate vehicles, transportation of raw materials and waste, and factory energy. (Based on carbon emissions calculations in Scope 1: Direct Emissions and Scope 2: Energy Indirect Emissions.)

The following are our ways
to reduce carbon emissions.

Materials came from nearby the factory

Our toys are made from 75% of resources from a 30 km radius around the factory. Investing in communities surrounding our factory helps to save time and reduce carbon emissions from transportation

Thailand Voluntary Emission Reduction Program (T-VER)

As project leaders, we collaborated with local farmers on the T-Ver initiative, covering 1,340,112 Sqm. of rubber and palm plantations around the factory. This project aims to reduce approximately 5,581 tCO2 e by 2025.

Annual Reforestation

We have been part of Plan Love Forest project, the Plan Group’s annual reforestation since 2004. Today, we planted 34,000 trees in total that can reduce carbon emissions by 323 tCO2 e /yea

Solar Energy

We installed 1,851 solar panels to reduce carbon emissions from electricity used within our factory. This will reduce about 400 tCO2 e/year, equivalent to a 30% reduction in electricity consumption.


We're constantly improving our production processes to upcycle leftover materials and minimize energy expenditure. In addition, we have services for extending toys’ life cycles, such as a Toy Rental, a secondhand toy e-marketplace in the USA, the PlayCycle project to encourage passing down toys that have been outgrown to keep our toys in the loop and not end up in a landll.

Starting in 2024, we will adjust our business model to do more than toys for children. Instead, we will focus on play. We want to build an ecosystem of play to give our community a new experience. This year, we added new business segments, toys for the elderly that bring generations together and creating play spaces to extend a customer's experience from product to their environment.

On the journey towards carbon neutrality,
all of you play a vital role in driving it forward.